Systems Approach and Systems Thinking. Any reasons for?

All the humanity is progressing with so-called “quantum jumps”. There is a change in the generations of computer technologies in super short time frames. Spacecraft explore the universe. Nuclear power is on the threshold of a new era (here I mean reactors working on fast neutrons).

While the community of scientists is launching and implementing large-scale projects, most of the projects in IT sphere end rather controversy or even fail. Generally, the annual losses in the process of developing and implementing software around the world are about $ 250 billion (from the article «Business Analysis: The Evolution of a Profession» By Kathleen Barret, IIBA President and CEO).

Let’s compare firstly the scale of an IT outsourcing project (e.g., in the largest project I took part, there were about 70-80 ppl, including managers, architects, developers, business analysts, quality engineers and designers). The second case is the scale of the project which means to design and build an aeroplane. Tens of thousands are generally involved! Bearing both of the cases in mind, here is the first question: how do they (the scientists) do this? And immediately appears the second one: how do IT companies of 2-3 thousand people manage to fail projects that are incomparably far from really large-scale projects in the space industry, nuclear power engineering or aircraft building?.

With this note written above, I start a series of articles on the system approach, system thinking and system engineering in the management of companies/projects, business analysis and other areas of IT.

See also Partner’s Blog.

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